Munchie Monday Pain aux Raisins….

Hmmm, I love love love these….
It was supposed to be for scrumptious sunday brunch but i left them in the fridge too long to be ready for brekkie or even brunch…

My favourites…

The custard in this is yummy too……..
I was a big guts and had about 6 of them over 3 hours 🙂
It seems a little complicated and ok, it is a little but well well worth it:)
Once you have it all sussed in your head time wise, you will be away laughing. Continue reading

Pain, What Pain?

Well maybe exquisite pain!!

The pain of waiting!

Pain D’epices, the french gingerbread or spice bread.

Not 100% a bread but it is in french bread recipe books so who am I to argue???

No eggs or butter!

Pain D’epices….

Now this is the last set of photos with the arsey camera as Hubby is home from tomorrow:) Continue reading