Chocka Fruit & Aniseed Bread…

Have a bite!!

Have a bite!!



A little Butter

A little Butter

Decided last weekend that it was time for another fruity fruity fruity and FRUITY bread:) Continue reading


Rosewater, Pistachio & Marzipan Sticky Buns…

Very Moorish!

Ohhhhh I love love love Sticky Buns…

With a sniff of aniseed!

P1070643 (800x600)

Since getting some rosewater and orange blossom water a few months back, I have been in a very Moroccan and Persian mood):

Very Subtle…Rosewater is…

As I am in a sticky bun mode, I spent some time pondering what I could do with pistachios in the form of sticky buns last week…

I wanted it to have that stickyness but also wanted to have like a filling in it:)

I have some  nice ideas for the orange blossom water too and sticky buns…

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Run Run as fast as you can…..

You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!!

Remember this? and who could forget gingerbread men?

Gingerbread boy…

I love Gingerbread boys (prefer to call them that) and gingerbread babies….

There are a few recipes and this one I like as it’s a spicy one and it reminds me of the rich gingerbread cakes/loaves, Full of spices and molasses.

It has a wee bit of fire to it having ginger in it..

Do the greedyboys like gingerboys? Why indeed they do!! Continue reading