To Market, To Market ….

Err I didn’t buy a pig though….

Turkisg Nougart

Turkish Nougart

Mark, my brother and his family have been visiting from Taupo.

If I did not take Nikki (my beautiful SIL ) to La Cigale markets in Parnell, I would have been most derelict in the SIL duties.

So off we went…

Love these markets, but if I went every week, I would be the size of the market…. Continue reading

Scrummy Yummy Yeasty Karisik Pide:



Karisik means mixed grill in Turkish, err I am lead to believe so I just hope it doesn’t actually mean something terrible:).

So delish, I have to show you straight away before making you wait till the end. Now this one below is not the one i made today but one i made in Istanbul. All the other photos are from today 🙂

My lamb mince filling was just so scrumptious, it was gorgeous. I suppose working in the garden all day and being VERY hungry helped but this truly was divine!! Not quite to the standard of my friend above BUT very very close.

So let’s get Yeasty beasty.

Just like to say , this is very similar to a pizza dough, so you could make pizza with it or calzone or even a Cornish pasty type thing. You also can make double to dough and freeze it…

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