Greedybread Adventures:

Do you LOVE food ?

Want to try something new ?

Want to wander round secret food nooks and have a few tipples ?

Need a bit of a laugh and some scrummy food?

In Auckland for the day only?

high tea

Maybe you want to make high tea and play ladies?

Tea, Mr Darcy???

Whatever the case, GREEDYBREAD has something for you!

Come have a greedybread adventure with me !!


I offer full day and half day GREEDYBREAD adventures for 1-6 people.

Local Food Tours, High Tea, Cooking & Baking lessons.

Very Greedy indeed)

You may just want to do a local food crawl:)

or spend half the day baking and half the day wandering …

Have high tea and a snifter of sherry?

The possibilities are endless…



Contact me for exact pricing.

1/2 day Adventures …

Full day Madness Baking(7 hours)

Full day Madness baking and wandering (7  hours)

Wanderers Food crawl with tastings and gorgy lunch that you will need to lie down from (3-4 hours)

Cooking & Baking Lessons ( 2-4 hours)

Tormenting the husband is free and included!!

food crawl

Please feel free to contact me on:

or visit greedybread on facebook:


Greedybread on Twitter



Come along and join in one of my group classes!

I also teach evening cooking classes and offer bread workshops @ Parnell Community Centre Mt Roskill Community Education.

Coming soon to Onehunga Community Learning & Epsom Community Centre.

Hear from you soon!!



A taste of what is to come in the Future with GREEDYBREAD!!

Stunning bread making adventures in Italy!!


coming soon 🙂

duomo (9) (600x800)

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