Magical Ingredients:

Isn’t it amazing when you look at seemingly unimportant items, a bit of sugar, a bit of colourless flour, salt  and maybe yeast and think what you can create.

I think for many it is the endless possibility, that makes baking and ingredients so great. I know for me, and i know it sounds corny, but it just amazes me , we can make these food items that taste so good, yet alone, the same items have no where near the potency of taste  as when combined.

I have included some items that maybe not be essential to bread and yeast products but I love them for baking. There will also be the odd recipe that is not “yeasty’ so its ok for me to include not essential ingredients in here too. This is not the encyclopedia of bread baking ingredients, so if I have forgotten one you love, let me know ( hopefully a recipe) and i will happy add it to my list 🙂

One of my most favourite books of all time is “INGREDIENTS” by  Loukie Werle & Jill Cox. It is gorgeous and i do not look at it as much as I should and it’s not just about baking, it is food ingredients but it is simply stunning.

I like to look at it when I have had a crap day and it always makes me feel better.Almost a Coffee table book but not quite as the information is great but not too much if you are not a foodie but just want a snippet of information about a product.

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