Sooooo Bad, Chocca Choc Choc..

A small confession, I have another NON yeasty product……….

It is just its the school holidays so each day basically I am baking after work as I have 3 boys and you can imagine how much they eat!!

Butterscotch and White Choc Brownies

Butterscotch and White Choc Brownies

But once you have made these and they are super easy, you will forgive me and understand why I need to share this!!

Plus I offer two variations on the one recipe………….choices, choices, make both!! Continue reading

One Zaletti, Two Zaletti…………

Yum, yum and YUM!!

My apologies, I have been quiet the last week.

I was really upset about greedygirl breaking down BUT BUT BUT BUT!!

Good news

Greedygirl can be fixed and will be home this week and is in EXCELLENT condition for her age and has many years left!!Yippee!

To celebrate, we are going to have a yeasty beasty and non yeasty beasty fest!!!

I was baking up a storm this weekend and used one of the sourdough starters that I made 2-3 weeks ago.

More on that soon….

First, these little beauties…………….Zaletti..

Z Z Z Z Z Zaletti…..

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