Happy Greedybread New Year….

Hello 2013!!!



Goodbye 2012, a good greedybread yeasty year!!

So let’s have a look……

BEST OF 2012…… Continue reading


Booootiful Banana Cake with Luscious Lemon Icing….

Another glut of banana’s here and what with the temperature here rising daily…


I thought need to get rid of them…

I usually freeze them but then sometimes I know they are in the freezer and it annoys me…

So banana cake it was….This one turned out boooooootiful too… Continue reading

Pizza Anyone? Go On , I know you want to!!

Nothing beats a gorgeous pizza, especially when its home-made with fresh ingredients !!

Delicious!! and piping hot:)

And how could you say no to this???

Homemade pizza  sugo and base , mushrooms, bacon, salame and mozzarella, a bit of basil and ooooohhhh parmesan.

I know I have done the non-Italian thing of over doing the toppings but I promise I have spread the toppings out:) Continue reading

Feeling A Bit Tarty Perhaps?

Time for something lemony… Luscious Lemon cake.

Now this isn’t really a greedyboy recipe or a yeasty but it is a favourite!!

Nice and simple but chocka full of lemon zest and taste!!

Lovely, moist lemon cake

Its nice anytime of the day, morning, noon or night.

Not too sweet but not too tart:)

And easily eaten again and again…… Continue reading