Sorry am still AWOL!!!

My groveliest apologies….

I am still have troubling getting media to upload.

I can cut and paste BUT it doesn’t give anything near what I want to show!!!

Argh….Some lovely surprises for you though

My naughty auntie , Mrs J, has been baking and she is going to be my guest this month, especially as its SWEET NZ  hosting time for me:)

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Argh!! I can’t believe it!!

I killed my sourdough….I was trying a new one that you start and feed for 2-3 weeks and then use….

King of Starters!!

Well I was on day 16 and i killed it!! It was smelling and looking good. I think the change in temperature here really affected it:(

I have 2 others on the go started the other day but this was an intense one..

C’est la vie!! Bugger, bugger, bum!!

I shall start again