Woman can’t live by YEAST alone….



Woman needs a slight variation of the yeasty…………

yummy bum bum!!

We could be pedantic and say that since the crust is a shortbread pastry, then it is a variation of yeasty beasties having a raising agent in it???

No? Ok, good try though……….

but look and you will see………….

The return of the choco-ade biccie…………..You all know I am partial to biscuits at times……


I will now need to send some to my friends in England and Italy…………..Else when I go to Lucca, I will need to pack my suitcase with them and not clothes……

As much as I like these (i think it is more nostalgia rather than taste) I don’t think we will be making these ones ………..

Well maybe if you twisted my arm, we could do an upgraded French version???

Not very yeasty though……………but worth a thought… sort like a variation of the neenish tart???

yummy and exciting!!



But worth doing I think on the greedybread tour I am developing:)

I shall get beasty on variations of this DELIGHTFUL Biccie from my childhood:)……..


Mmmm Chocca Chocca Choc…

This is my sole photo!! See the deliciousness!!

Not a yeasty but a definite mention as Hubby made them.

They are yummy, scrummy, yum, yum….

This is an old recipe of mine, and it basically guarantee’s you primo brownies and you can play with the recipe a bit as well if you want.

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Cantucci and Vin Santo anyone?

Well I was staring at the Vin Santo the other day, dreaming of  Lucca,

As I do and thought it must be time for a non yeasty and it means I can indulge in my favourite things (one of my fav’s),

dipping the Cantucci into the Vin Santo and this recipe is blessed as it also had Vin Santo in it!!

But best of all , it is a recipe, like many others I use, that is a good base recipe for so many other adventures……..

Now I can see you people who are not Italian obsessed as moi, going “Cantucci??? What in the hell are they?” But when i say to you, “Biscotti”, I can see your eyes light up!! Yummy!!

So what are we aiming for? Yes, A double yolker!!  Fantastic luck!!

So let’s get beasty but not yeasty!!

Great luck to start with this!!

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