Sicilian Almond, Pistachio & Cardamom Biscuits….

I know you will look at this and go”UGLY”



But I beg, beg, beg of you…..Don’t judge a cookie by its cover!!

This is in the same vein on the brutti ma buoni 

Not so attractive visually but the taste and the mix of ingredients will BLOW your taste buds away!! Continue reading


Pain, What Pain?

Well maybe exquisite pain!!

The pain of waiting!

Pain D’epices, the french gingerbread or spice bread.

Not 100% a bread but it is in french bread recipe books so who am I to argue???

No eggs or butter!

Pain D’epices….

Now this is the last set of photos with the arsey camera as Hubby is home from tomorrow:) Continue reading


L.L.L.L.LOVE Focaccia!! It is known by many names all over Italy…

Focaccia in Genoa, Schiacciata in Firenze and Puglia, Pinze in the south…

I have been making a sort of focaccia for years, not really focaccia, well maybe a NZ one but not like the real thing…

Tasty but wanted some focaccia with olive oil pools and salt!!

Forno Casali, Lucca

In Lucca is a baker’s,  Forno Casali, that has the BEST focaccia, I have tasted…….EVER!! Continue reading

What is Luscious, Golden and yummy?

ha ha many, many things!! BUT nothing is as luscious as the PANDORO…..

From the Veneto region, it is the regions equivalent of the Panattone.

I had some mini ones from the supermarket in Lucca and Venice but I knew they would not be like a homemade one.

The Italian supermarkets, sell huge boxes which have Pandoro in them but I still think, can’t beat homemade……

So without further ado………………….

What are we aiming for?????


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