Pane di Patate della Garfagnana:

A delicious Potato bread from the Garfagnana region in Italy.

It is similar to the Rewena bread we make here in NZ but the potatoes don’t ferment for 3 days as we allow them to with Rewena.

Parmesan and Potato Bread

This has a unbelieveably light crumb and so porous.

Ideal for scooping up sauces , casseroles and soup and IDEAL for winter.
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Sooooo Bad, Chocca Choc Choc..

A small confession, I have another NON yeasty product……….

It is just its the school holidays so each day basically I am baking after work as I have 3 boys and you can imagine how much they eat!!

Butterscotch and White Choc Brownies

Butterscotch and White Choc Brownies

But once you have made these and they are super easy, you will forgive me and understand why I need to share this!!

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Happy Queen’s Birthday!! Bready for Rewena??

Yep, NZ Bread.

I can hear you non NZer’s going ‘what’ ??????? What is Rewena ?

It is yeasty beasty people, a NZ bread.

We call it Maori bread or Paraoa bread.

It is made with a starter like sourdough or an Italian Biga but it is made out of Potatoes and flour………..My uncles used to make it and they used to make fried bread too but I can’t remember if the fried bread was made from the rewena, I think not, I can remember a very sticky dough in the fry pan……….. and I will do that one another day.

Rewena has an almost sour tang to it because there is a fermentation period, similar to sour dough.I have heard of people keeping it like a sourdough starter but I am not 100% sure about this, I would have thought it would go rotten!! Now 2 of the recipes below have a touch of yeast and one is yeast free.


Rewena Bread

My recipe is an old family one so I am unable to share it but there is two very good recipes below that will give you similar if not exact results:) Sorry, I can share the bread, the process and the photo’s but not the recipe as its not mine to give!! As I have said in prior posts, Dean Brettschneider, a NZ baker also makes one and his recipe is in his book “Global Baker”.–rewena-bread    (Yeast free)

 LETS LOOK ATHE PHOTOS!! Gorgeous!! and the taste……..

Start with this!!

Ready for first rise.


Ready for last rise…

Kiwi Template

Ready to eat!!



One more for luck

And you know what I am going to say now!!!

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!or  as we say in NZ , SWEET AS!!

Will start hunting down the fry bread recipe:)