Scrumptious Raisin & Rosemary Buns…Yummy!!

Or as they call them in Firenze….Pan di Ramerino.

Scrum scrum, scrummy!!

The first time I saw these in Firenze, I thought euhhhhhh, yucky , yucky mix….!!

But like the sweet vegetable tart from Lucca that sounds weird, these are wonderfully delicious and a fantastic combination of flavours!!

Not quite as taken by the Lucchese tart as these though…….

That tart is weird but nice…imagine silverbeet with sugar and you get my drift…

BUT these are scrumptious and I insist you make them!! Continue reading

Pane di Patate della Garfagnana:

A delicious Potato bread from the Garfagnana region in Italy.

It is similar to the Rewena bread we make here in NZ but the potatoes don’t ferment for 3 days as we allow them to with Rewena.

Parmesan and Potato Bread

This has a unbelieveably light crumb and so porous.

Ideal for scooping up sauces , casseroles and soup and IDEAL for winter.
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Slippers anyone?

You know what I mean!! Ciabatta……The most divine of the Italian breads.

So simple but so delicious…

Be aware you need to start this the day before and you really need to have a mixer.

So delicious….Ciabatta

What will you need???

Patience……………lots of patience 🙂 and don’t be tempted to add more flour:)

This is a very wet dough so be warned and don’t freak out.

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Very Exciting News!!!

Can’t wait!!! Very excited!! Bloody hell……..I finally found a mixer that I liked . You know the big old ones by KENWOOD, that most of our Granny’s had and our Great granny too?? Now I have to digress for a moment. I must be one of the few women whose husband could buy me any kitchen gadgety thing and I would love it!! Have I ever received one? NOPE!! Anyways, back to the matter at hand…………..KENWOOD MIXERS!!

Now days they look like this:

mmmmmmm Kenwood!!

Simply stunning but I wanted an older one as I have to say, I like the red BUT hate stainless steel as it is a bitch to clean. My stainless steel toaster and jug will be getting the boot as soon as possible but they don;t seem to want to give up the ghost!!

My baby looks like this: In fact this is her photo!! SIGH ……….

My baby!! Look at her!! Isn;t she wonderful??

She (and it is a she, I think the odd mixer is a He, but this is definitely a she, I can feel it in my bones:) is just a wee beauty and you know, I know, I will have her all my life. She is in the world of Kenwood’s, a newer model, a 1987…………3 speeds and look at the attachments!! Especially the dough hook!! I have on my trade me (NZ E Bay) watch list a mincer, juicer and sausage maker attachment!! Heaven…………

I am going to call her Greedygirl.

Greedygirl will even keep my son happy with a blender on it. He was not happy when I sold my food processor/ blender as I was not using it. He said he was using the blender for milkshakes, so this will keep him smiling 🙂

Speaking of  Kenwood mixers, while I was looking for some info on them, I found a very interesting yahoo group called ‘We actually collect Kenwood mixers” err i think………..Very interesting and quite hardcore .

So that’s all I wanted to share tonight. VERY VERY EXCITING INDEED!!

Don’t forget the special NZ bread will be hot out of the oven tomorrow and the 2nd go at the Altamura bread.

My apricot brioche and 2 plain brioche are GONE!! Baked at 11am  today.More on that tomorrow.

Talk about greedy guts!!