Gubana…Friuli Venezia Festival Bread

Now this beauty LOOKS complex but I promise it’s not.

A little time is needed but you can come and go in between , so are you ready?


Jam packed with fruit, nuts, rum and spices, it is delicious.

A wonderful combination of bread dough spiked with liquers….Not too buttery and yet still moist with a gorgeous flaky like crust. Continue reading


Mmmm Cranberry, Raisin & Spice bread…


You know I love sweet breads.

I love all sweet breads but the fruity ones hold a special place in my heart….

This one I love as i put a dollop of molasses or treacle in it, to give it a wee bit of extra oomph!

Sorry piccies are not the best this week….Hubby has the camera with him in the US, so it’s the old phone camera I am afraid…

Very very Tasty… Continue reading


L.L.L.L.LOVE Focaccia!! It is known by many names all over Italy…

Focaccia in Genoa, Schiacciata in Firenze and Puglia, Pinze in the south…

I have been making a sort of focaccia for years, not really focaccia, well maybe a NZ one but not like the real thing…

Tasty but wanted some focaccia with olive oil pools and salt!!

Forno Casali, Lucca

In Lucca is a baker’s,  Forno Casali, that has the BEST focaccia, I have tasted…….EVER!! Continue reading

A very Chocca Yeasty…

Yes, I am slightly chocolate obsessed at present……….

I think I need to investigate why this is? Maybe its winter?

Today we will be enjoying Vanilla and Milk Choc buns…………..a hybrid of Chelsea buns and cinnamon buns:)

let’s get yeasty!!

Ohh, greedygirl is home and FIXED and raring to go!!

mmm some Chocca choc buns:)

Marvellous Winter Milk Chocca choc and Vanilla Bean sweet buns.

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One Zaletti, Two Zaletti…………

Yum, yum and YUM!!

My apologies, I have been quiet the last week.

I was really upset about greedygirl breaking down BUT BUT BUT BUT!!

Good news

Greedygirl can be fixed and will be home this week and is in EXCELLENT condition for her age and has many years left!!Yippee!

To celebrate, we are going to have a yeasty beasty and non yeasty beasty fest!!!

I was baking up a storm this weekend and used one of the sourdough starters that I made 2-3 weeks ago.

More on that soon….

First, these little beauties…………….Zaletti..

Z Z Z Z Z Zaletti…..

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