Ricotta, Honey, Nutmeg and Fig Tartlets…

P1080004 (800x600)

P1080056 (800x600)Yummy, yum, yum…

My favorites!!

Figs !!

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Apple wine anyone?

Err, should be apple yeast that is but you can smell the fermentation and it reminds me of alcohol.

Day one

After reading about this Apple or raisin yeast in Jan Hedh’s book ” Swedish Breads and Pastries’ (which is a great book) I needed to make some. Continue reading

Bready for Wholemeal & Honey?

Feeling wheaty?  Lovely with a dab of butter or some cheese and chutney……..Heaven.

Brrrrr, its cold here now so nice crusty WARM bread is gorgeous!! Especially melted with cheese…

Mmmmm, I am making myself VERY hungry and its 11pm at night!!  Not a good look.

I do though have another version of this baking as we speak………So I will (SIGH) need to try it out……

More on that later……………..

So after yesterday’s non yeasty beasty, are we ready to get yeasty?

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