Booootiful Banana Cake with Luscious Lemon Icing….

Another glut of banana’s here and what with the temperature here rising daily…


I thought need to get rid of them…

I usually freeze them but then sometimes I know they are in the freezer and it annoys me…

So banana cake it was….This one turned out boooooootiful too… Continue reading


Feeling a Little Crunchy perhaps?

Yummm Ginger crunch.

This is my ALL TIME favourite non bready, I think.


Of course it doesn’t beat the bread but it comes pretty darn close.

Love it, love it, love it!! But sadly, I never found a shop one as good as the home made one!!

And when I make it, I eat it All!! So it is very dangerous.

You have been warned. Continue reading

Feeling A Bit Tarty Perhaps?

Time for something lemony… Luscious Lemon cake.

Now this isn’t really a greedyboy recipe or a yeasty but it is a favourite!!

Nice and simple but chocka full of lemon zest and taste!!

Lovely, moist lemon cake

Its nice anytime of the day, morning, noon or night.

Not too sweet but not too tart:)

And easily eaten again and again…… Continue reading

Pain, What Pain?

Well maybe exquisite pain!!

The pain of waiting!

Pain D’epices, the french gingerbread or spice bread.

Not 100% a bread but it is in french bread recipe books so who am I to argue???

No eggs or butter!

Pain D’epices….

Now this is the last set of photos with the arsey camera as Hubby is home from tomorrow:) Continue reading

A Little Zesty Perhaps???

Mmmm, this has to be one of my favourite things to eat.

Lemon coconut slice

My friend, Norma gave me this recipe a while back and I can’t stop eating it.

It is divine, sweet but a wee bit tangy too and slightly crunchy.

Plus it requires no cooking, and its super quick to make…….

and the GREEDYBOYS  love it!!

Oops, it’s all gone!!

Sorry still on phone camera for a few more days:)

Mmmm delicious…. Continue reading