A Greedyboy Favourite….Pikelets..

In the same vein as Greedyboy hotcakes…

A firm favourite and good tummy filler for greedyboys.

Stack em high!!

These babies can be sweet or savoury…

Specially nice spread with butter, jam and cream or even a lick of vegemite ):

Dripping with passionfruit or nutella.

Maple syrup, golden syrup, lemon curd, lemon spread and ricotta….All delicious toppings. Continue reading

Greedyboy Sunday Hotcakes……..

We don’t really have hot cakes here in NZ…They exist but we tend to eat other similar things .

Ready for some syrup!!

We have a pancake which is like a big flat hot cake or a thicker crepe and then we have pikelets which are sort of like mini hot cakes..

The taste is similar but I think that hotcakes have more flavour , pancakes are very bland, it’s about what is on/in them.

We all know where the saying flat as a pancake comes from… well ours are FLAT as flat can be!!

We eat pancakes usually with jam and cream or with sugar and lemon, so not the best of nutrition..

Hotcakes are just the type of thing the greedyboys LOVE, buttery, sugary and totally BAD!! Continue reading