Just what you need for Xmas!! Gubana!!

Love this …and a little different from other Italian xmas breads!

Waiting to be eaten!! like a big snail pastry...

Waiting to be eaten!! like a big snail pastry…

I made this earlier in the year and here it is now, just for XMAS!!

Its just I was too greedy to wait for Xmas earlier in the year so I made it then!!

I will be posting all my Xmas breads in the next week. Continue reading


A Mid Winter Xmas Delight?

Well it’s a mid winter xmas for us here in NZ but for most other people, it will be mid -summer xmas……….

The Xmas bread (but also festivals) of Lake Como.

Mataloc is also offered as a dessert………with a bit of mascarpone

This is what we want!!

This bread is chocca block with goodies and not so much butter that its too rich. Continue reading