Week Driven You Bananas?

Me too!!

The yellow beasties….

I  have a glut of banana’s as for some reason the greedyboys aren’t scoffing them like they used to 😦

So what is a girl to do?

Well I froze some, I used some, I let some get browner and still I had bananas….Now I like bananas but there is a limit to what can do with them…

I decided to make some Banana muffins, as the greedyboys like them and that will use them nicely….

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A very Chocca Yeasty…

Yes, I am slightly chocolate obsessed at present……….

I think I need to investigate why this is? Maybe its winter?

Today we will be enjoying Vanilla and Milk Choc buns…………..a hybrid of Chelsea buns and cinnamon buns:)

let’s get yeasty!!

Ohh, greedygirl is home and FIXED and raring to go!!

mmm some Chocca choc buns:)

Marvellous Winter Milk Chocca choc and Vanilla Bean sweet buns.

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