Yeasty Beasty Me:

How do we tame the yeast?

 I don’t think we can, there in lies the beauty of the YEAST!!

I want to be the Queen of Yeast.


Now it is only appropriate since i love yeasty things that I love love love Vegemite and VEGEMITE is right up there with the King of Yeast beasties!!

Vegemite and sourdough toasted bread…. SIGH!!!

But I digress and back to the yeast….

So Greedybread???

I love bread, yeast, dough and all manifestations of it.

Love Italian breads and cooking in general…

Obsessed by Bread? Come bake with me…

I offer lessons and take evening classes and bread workshops.

My yeasty intentions is to share my collection of tried and true recipes, my new recipes and my bread trials with you.

EVERYTHING I give you a recipe for, will have been made by myself so I am like your guinea pig.

Rewana Bread…

There will be old and familiar recipes and new and maybe weird combo’s BUT let’s try them all……

It gives me a chance to explore the history of bread and Bread in my own country, NZ.

At the moment I am experimenting with types of starters, such as Biga’s and with Poolish.

I particularly like sweet breads and sour dough type breads.

Hopefully I can pass on some of my passion to you….

Heaven in a jar! Full of promise…

I was in another life a patisserie chef but I gave it up as the hours were hideous and I found I was liking cooking less and less.

 I like to make my bread, bake and cook because I want to.

Ideally I would just like to bake bread, share my knowledge and take lessons when the feeling takes me, read and blog….and run…

But in the real world, I have another job and a unpaid job keeping a Husband, 3 boys, 4 cats and 3 birds in check.

Maybe they keep me in check?

I offer cooking lessons to individuals, pairs or groups.

You want to cook/bake it, we shall try it!!

I  teach adult education cooking classes so check them out!!

Come along and join in one of my group classes!

I also teach evening cooking classes and offer bread workshops @ Parnell Community Centre Mt Roskill Community Education.

Coming soon to Onehunga Community Learning & Epsom Community Centre.

Duomo Milano (2)

I  lead tours in the NZ summer (Italian winter) around Lucca,

So if you are looking for an interesting getaway or something different, check out my website.

I am developing a bread/ biscuits tour for  January/February  2014.

So Check it out in the New Year.

Yep, that’s me!!

But  for now, I will keep baking and experimenting with yeast because it fascinates me and i don’t think we can control it really.

I also like reading, running, cats and am a stop smoking crusader!!

Not in an annoying way though….

So let’s go try to tame the yeasty beast!!

and dream about Lucca!! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Yeasty Beasty Me:

    • thanks….It is but it isn’t if you know what i mean…
      Luckily most of the delights go to hubbys work or greedyboys mouths or friends…
      very enjoyable making and tasting though…just not the working if off!!

  1. blushing….too flabbergasted to speak….but not to eat:)….Thankssssssssss..
    left you a message and will get onto accepting and doing all i need to as per your blog post……I shall dedicate today’s post to you!! Sp keep the eyes peeled:)

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