A new twist on an old fav…Cranberry Spiced Scones..

Love scones…Anyhow, anytime!

Bring it on!!

Y Y Y Yummmm

Y Y Y Yummmm

By themselves or with jam and butter...

By themselves or with jam and butter…

Slather on the butter...

Slather on the butter…

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Fabulous Greedyboy Fudge anyone???

As you can see the camera has returned.

We have decent shots again….ok, well clear ones:)

Mmmmmm, how delicious can you get?

Cut it up into wee bits and mix into vanilla ice cream….

Fudge ice cream!!

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One Zaletti, Two Zaletti…………

Yum, yum and YUM!!

My apologies, I have been quiet the last week.

I was really upset about greedygirl breaking down BUT BUT BUT BUT!!

Good news

Greedygirl can be fixed and will be home this week and is in EXCELLENT condition for her age and has many years left!!Yippee!

To celebrate, we are going to have a yeasty beasty and non yeasty beasty fest!!!

I was baking up a storm this weekend and used one of the sourdough starters that I made 2-3 weeks ago.

More on that soon….

First, these little beauties…………….Zaletti..

Z Z Z Z Z Zaletti…..

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Feeling a Little Bananaish?

Hmm, I have ummed and arghed over this because it’s not really a bread.

Delicious BUT not really breadish…….

I looked OVER many many recipes as I thought maybe I was missing something but nope, all cakey like recipes.

My question is this, “Why is this called a bread ? “

David Lebovitz asked the same question


and I am sure many others have as well. Continue reading