A new twist on an old fav…Cranberry Spiced Scones..

Love scones…Anyhow, anytime!

Bring it on!!

Y Y Y Yummmm

Y Y Y Yummmm

By themselves or with jam and butter...

By themselves or with jam and butter…

Slather on the butter...

Slather on the butter…

Date, Raisin, Spiced apple, Any fruit really, Plain, Cheese (well ok, not cheese so much), Cheese and bacon, Salami and Cheese…Mmm Continue reading


Getting Figgy with it????

Very Figgy...

Very Figgy…


I have missed the NZ fig season again!!

I could kick myself BUT I am hoping that my friend still has a few on her secret stash tree:)

Ironically, I was in what I like to call home to a zillion figs, Italy, for the NZ fig season last year … Continue reading

Feeling A Bit Tarty Perhaps?

Time for something lemony… Luscious Lemon cake.

Now this isn’t really a greedyboy recipe or a yeasty but it is a favourite!!

Nice and simple but chocka full of lemon zest and taste!!

Lovely, moist lemon cake

Its nice anytime of the day, morning, noon or night.

Not too sweet but not too tart:)

And easily eaten again and again…… Continue reading

Mmmm Cranberry, Raisin & Spice bread…


You know I love sweet breads.

I love all sweet breads but the fruity ones hold a special place in my heart….

This one I love as i put a dollop of molasses or treacle in it, to give it a wee bit of extra oomph!

Sorry piccies are not the best this week….Hubby has the camera with him in the US, so it’s the old phone camera I am afraid…

Very very Tasty… Continue reading