February Sweet NZ….

Can you believe it is almost March?

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This time last year, I had another week or so in Italy before I came home after 8-9 weeks away.


So some sweetness is needed to cheer me up!!

Stunning gorgeousness and deliciousness is all I can say with what I received!!

Don’t forget that SWEET NZ is hosted in March by Eat Etc!!

First up!!

Alessandra @ only recipes and her Yummy Mango and Banana Ice Cream.

Perfect for hot days…

Mango and Banana Ice cream...Heavenly!!

Mango and Banana Ice cream…Heavenly!!

Are you ready for more Gorgeousness ???

Yummmmmm Lemon drizzle cake with FRESH raspberries 

Delicious indeed!!

Delicious indeed!!

This stunning creation is brought to us by Monica @ Delissimon

Are you sitting down?

Ready for ANOTHER ?

Are you feeling very GREEDY today?

Mairi @ Toast has kindly shared her damson ice cream recipe…


Thanks Mairi….Divine!!

Next up….Just when you think you can’t get any better…..

Alessandra @ AlessandraZecchini has given us these summery beauties….



Louise Plum Cupcakes….


Bridget @ Aftertaste has made my mouth water with this divine creation….

Baked Chocolate cheesecake cups..

Heaven in a cupcake!!

Heaven in a cheesecake!!

I don’t know about you but I will need a lie down after indulging in all this yumminess…

I will also need to run a lot as well so I have room for all the scrumminess to come in March SWEET NZ….

Drum roll please!!!

Lesley from Eat Etc has sent me this beauty…..



Plum, Almond and Orange cake…

Ohhh Dear, a large slice will be required I think:)

Have you recovered???

There is more…..

Arfi from Home mades by Arfi has sent in this vision!!

A Barbie cake!!

Choccy Barbie

Choccy Barbie

I had a few Barbie cakes when I was a girl BUT none as beautiful as this one!!

Almost a shame to eat it:)

Thanks Arfi….

Next, some summery deliciousness from Bunny eats designs

A pav…but not just any old pav!!!

mmmm just what I need!!

mmmm just what I need!!

Pavlova with Lemon Passionfruit cream, fresh berries and Kiwi’s!!

A big taste will be required, I feel…..

I best sit down….:)

Next we have a wonderful Choccie biscuit  recipe from Nicola@Homegrown kitchen

They are Gluten Free!!

Chocolate Zucchini Cookies



Hmmm, Finished Munching on Nicola’s delicious cookies?

Our next treat is…….

You will not believe what is in this wonderful cake!!!

Sue @ Couscous & Consciousness has whipped up a…..

Wait for it…..

Wait for it….

Dig in!!

Dig in!!

Green Tomato cake with  Maple Mascarpone Frosting….


I can’t wait to see how moist the tomatoes make the cake…

Looks stunning:)

Hopefully Sue will invite me over for dinner!!


Frances @ Bakeclub has sent in this vision of yumminess…gluten free as well!!

Tasty and gluten free!!

Tasty and gluten-free!!

Last but hopefully not least…..

With all these visions of sweetness around, I decided to do what GREEDYBREAD is good at….a BREAD!!

A sweet one of course!!

It is a based on the Treccia in Taddeucchi’s in Lucca which I love, love ,love!!

Treccia which means braids in Italian….

It is second only in yumminess to the Lucchese Buccellato..



Treccia pane con arancia e cioccolato….

Don’t forget that March SWEET NZ is hosted by EAT ETC

Thanks again to SWEET NZ for allowing me to host the February recipes…

It has been a most delicious pleasure:)

Have a SWEET month:)


Full up now!!

Full up now!!

8 thoughts on “February Sweet NZ….

  1. Hi there! Just wondered if you had perhaps missed my entry that I emailed to you on the 24th? Or do you select only a few entries to display? (that’s fine if that’s the case!). Thanks! Monique 🙂

    • hi monique
      My apologies but i did not receive anything from you.
      What email did you send it to?
      Happy to add it in if you want to send through details…

  2. Whoo those all look delicous – awesome post thanks for hosting. I’m looking forward to being part of March’s Event! What a cute blog, I love all the bready word references. Glad I found you…being from a family that had bread with every meal I think all members in my family would appreciate a blog like this 🙂

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